Theatrical  Ministries Inc.
501 (c) (3)
All Contributions are Tax Deductible

TMI is now holding Auditions/Interviews for Performers who want to be preparing themselves for outreach and ministry.

TMI is looking to meet with individuals who desire to prepare themselves through a Discipleship Process to go out and perform in and around their surrounding communities.

TMI is looking for people who want to be then trained in their areas of discipline to rehearse, in FAITH, and then when they are fully equipped to be sent to wherever God leads.

TMI is continuously  networking in order to establish relationships and to find venues for ministry, and performance.

TMI is seeking to partner with Christians who desire to break down spiritual strongholds and  TAKE BACK the Performing Arts from the world’s grip and to use them for God’s Glory.

TMI is prayerfully pursing the concept of Matthew 28:19-20  The Great Commission and making Disciples of as many as possible.

If that’s “YOU”, Get in contact with TMI.  God may have more in store for you than you could ever imagine.