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gallen gallegos

Hello, my name is Galen (the originator of this website) and I wanted to respond to a few questions you might have about Theatrical Ministries Inc. TMI You may ask…

“Is it possible to achieve excellence with little or no talent? Is it possible to develop a performing arts ministry with everyone’s volunteer schedule? Is it possible to produce a show or for that matter a simple skit without an expert/professional in the church? Is it possible to produce video production that is television quality of your service, or church related events?” To all these and any other related questions the answer is a definitive YES! This is why Theatrical Ministries not only exists, but why God graciously allowed it to be created. A simple step-by-step process which could be understood and implemented by people that weren’t necessarily theatre or media experts, but who had a desire for using this mode of expression for ministry would allow more people to accomplish what was so strongly in their hearts. Of course, this is the concept Jesus was trying to get across when He said to those first twelve to go out and make disciples of all the nations.


If you would like for me to come in to help you with skits, a workshop, or to get a production started…”No problem!” And by the way, if I do come in, the following is also possible -> see Galen’s ministry.

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