Theatrical  Ministries Inc.
501 (c) (3)
All Contributions are Tax Deductible

 TMI is a ministry in which the Performing Arts are used to Glorify God. (Psalm 150: 6) “…all that has breath, praise the Lord…”

TMI is also a ministry that believes in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)  “…make disciples of all the nations…”

TMI is looking for Performing Artists who feel a calling to use their gifts to know God more and more and to make Him known.

TMI has a large collection of material including (Topical) Skits, Plays, Musicals…(Music/Songs) etc. which can be used for all kinds of performances.  Because venues often are in need of filling events, and time-slots may vary accordingly, TMI is looking to put together teams to accommodate those types of requests.  Venues such as Churches, Youth Groups, Camps, Schools, Retirement Communities etc.  may be interested in a variety of ministry options and TMI is designed to accommodate that very thing.  TMI is not new to this as this as the aforementioned practices have been part of what Galen (Artistic Minister) has been doing for years.

PROCESS:  Go to the Audition Page and schedule an appointment to meet with Galen.  As this is not just about performing…this is about ministry and being prepared and equipped to share the Gospel.  Therefore a personal interview/meeting is an important first step in knowing your heart and if this is the type of ministry God has for you.  TMI is not currently requiring any type of fee, we are simply offering a Fellowship of and for Artists to use their gifts.  TMI is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and does endeavor to raise support in a number of ways; however, as for now, we are seeing  God as to where He takes this ministry and allowing for His will to be done.