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How the workshops work in relation to using the material

A.) If you are a church/school with little or no experience, who would like to put together skits, a production or develop some type of consistent performing arts ministry to initially start you up, Galen would be glad to come in for an Introductory Workshop to work with you and your church/school (Preferably weekends – traveling Friday, workshop Saturday and performance Sunday). This would include specific and participatory instruction, and detailed handouts describing the specific responsibilities of everyone involved in putting together the production/skits, and culminate with a Sunday morning time of ministry by myself and the people involved in the workshop. (Not the actual Production.) If you still need help producing a show, Galen can come in on a periodic consulting basis to help you with the production process of a show if you so desire to do one. If you still need help with producing or directing a show, Galen can come in to help you jump start the process. Check Jump Starting a Production.

B.) If you have the ability to put the show together yourself, Galen would still come in for an Introductory Workshop and leave the same materials with you, however, after Sunday, the responsibility for the completion of the production is yours. The same materials and handouts would still be provided.

C.) If you have an established production department and are capable of using the material without assistance, then any of it is still available. See theatrical productions for the purchase of a production. Information regarding this is available in the pricing section.

D.) It is more than possible to come in on a regular or periodic basis to help coordinate any of these things, particularly if any of the available workshops are attractive in helping you enhance your department. Weekend workshops can easily be negotiated very reasonably to accommodate your needs. Remember, the objective is to make what you do a success. If you need Galen to come in and consult or get the direction of a production started, that is also possible.

E.) Although it is a recommendation, workshops are not exclusive to weekends. They may be part of a camp, conference, or to help establish your program. Arrangements may possibly be made. (Summers are currently open)

This also applies to Jump Starting a Production. While it is obviously helpful that the cast be present, it can be accomplished in a lengthy production meeting with the director/s and the technical support being the only ones present. As long as you have a solid idea who the cast is going to be, it is achievable. Again, arrangements may possibly be made. (Summers are currently open)

If you decide to simply purchase the Workshop Lesson for your personal use, a confirmation/receipt will be generated for your convenience and be sent via e-mail. (see download link)