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approx 40 min
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A One Act play that deals with the contemporary issues of divorce and reconciliation. An examination of Christianity in action and the prevailing power of prayer. A father/grandfather is at odds with his two adult sons. One son resents the fact that his father remarried, and the younger son resents both his father and brother for fighting with one another while calling themselves Christians, yet he himself, however, is not. Confusion and bitterness threaten to ruin Christmas for everyone until the grandchild intervenes with fervent and righteous prayer. The physical manifestation of prayer for God’s will to be done in this, and any family, is witnessed on stage and the reality of spiritual warfare is revealed in a true and meaningful way that many in today’s society can relate to. Fits perfectly within the time frame of a regular church service. Stock ID PLAY-Contemporary Christmas



Cast: 3 2 1