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Why Use Theatrical Ministries as a Resource?

I know, there are a lot of ways to get material. You can write it yourself… You can find things off the internet for free…You can purchase it from another publisher such as Samuel French or Dramatist Play Services.. Well, here are some facts:  And do remember…this is ministry!  

  • To give you an example of the cost of doing a secular/regular show such as Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma or Disney’s Frozen… for a high school the cost of four shows is well over $5,000.00 and that was just for the rights to use the script and the music.
  • Most (if not all) resources (publishing houses) charge per performance/per audience size. TMI’s price is a flat fee.  And if you choose to do it again, it is that same fee so if your show grows, you reap the benefits.  Hence, the price is not only reasonable, but for seasonal shows, it is extremely justifiable.  
  • If you are a Private Christian School or College, TMI is offering a tremendously cost-effective opportunity to produce a high quality production (three of which are multi-media) that are Christian in content and message.  
  • Churches have used productions for major outreaches and fund raisers, having raised thousands of dollars for only a few shows. More importantly though, they have seen thousands of lives touched miraculously by God.
  • Of course, the best reason to use Theatrical Ministries would be because TMI is more familiar with the needs of ministries such as the church and the sole motivation is to touch lives with the only answer that there is…JESUS!  From skits to productions stories are meaningful, ministry oriented, and prayerfully anointed. In other words, they are more than just for entertainment. But then again, that’s easy enough to find out!
  • If you are a Regular Theatre, ie: Community, Professional etc. The run of any show (such as Christmas) are still extremely reasonable and similar to that of any company that licenses productions. For details, click on “Agreement Terms” and then  “Application.”   This will still be much more cost-effective for you and much less of a risk.  Simply contact Galen at and we will set up a time to visit and discuss all of the possible options specific to your situation.

Remember, once you’ve purchased and done  a production, TMI’s desire is for you to continue to use it for MINISTRY!  For seasonal productions, this may be a great way to go.  And if you are a church or ministry who doesn’t feel like you can do this alone, or that cost is an issue, scroll down to the bottom of this page and review another realistic and viable option!



For a performance only, I am more than willing to come in for an offering. However, some type of promotion is appreciated and I can help if needed. Traveling and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the host.

Youth events, camps or crusades are negotiable. For a family camp or a children’s/youth camp, a minimum of $500 for the week is required plus expenses and traveling charges*. If just a weekend or a few days is needed, arrangements can be made accordingly. If a performance is included at the end of a workshop, the cost of the workshop can be offset by the offering, although I would trust you to let God speak to your heart and respond accordingly. Again, this is not inclusive of traveling and accommodations, as those are separate and the responsibility of the host.

*Note: Traveling expenses and accomodations are the responsibility of the host and separate from ministry, workshops or materials.


The introductory workshop is by far the most crucial workshop as it sets a tone for all the others. It is recommended, but not mandatory as a prerequisite.

  1. Workshop Only: $400.00 plus travel/accomodations
  2. Workshop plus performance: $600.00 plus travel/accomodations

All other workshops can be accomplished on a weekend and culminate on a Sunday performance. If I come in on a weekend, any two of the categories would be covered. The cost for this would be $500.00 plus traveling and accomodations (see host responsibilities) and can still culminate in a Sunday performance.

All workshops excluding the Jumpstart workshop include your choice of a free skit. At the end of the workshop you will be taken through the basic staging of the skit so that you can perform it for your church.  

Note: These are suggested amounts and can be offset by offerings.

Jump Starting a Production” is a separate workshop. The cost is $400.00. This does not include the price of the show.  The length of time needed is relative to your ability to finish for the preparation of starting rehearsals.  If you need me to come back, that is separate and arrangements can be made.

If you are interested in any of the workshops as being part of a conference or any other type of scenario, that is entirely possible and arrangements can easily be made as well as cost.

A suggestion is that if I come in out of town, all of this can be coordinated with more than one church. This can be both cost effective and expedient.

*Note: Traveling expenses and accomodations are the responsibility of the host and separate from ministry, workshops or materials.

     All costs can be offset with an offering as 


Skits are available separately and the purchase price gives you one copy of the skit with permission to make as many copies as needed. For skits that include sound effects or music, there is a separate File available. This File is optional and labeled Music/Sound File. Like the full-length productions, these Files are very detailed and tracked sequentially to match the skits they accompany. Even though they are optional, they are highly recommended as they enhance the production value of the skit tremendously. All material is protected under Federal Copyright Laws.

Purchase Price
Sermon Skits
(3-5 min)
Performance Skits
(6-10 min)
Play Skits
(12-18 min)
See skit listing for CD prices


Plays are broken up into three (3) categories. CD’s with sound effects and music are not included in the licensing fee as some churches prefer to do their own. However, because sound and music cues are written into the scripts along with a sequential listing of every sound cue as it appears on the CD, they are highly recommended for their production value. The licensing fee for plays allows you (the specified organization) to use the TMI material for the (specified time)  but please remember unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited and subject to penalty by law. It is therefore assumed that you will uphold a Godly integrity in this matter. The licensing period begins upon purchase and ends upon completion of the last designated performance. Each script includes a cast list, a detailed act and scene-by-scene breakdown, easy to follow stage directions and of course the sound and music cues.  At the end of the specified period, all sound effects, music, video files are to be destroyed, deleted, returned to TMI or stored and ay re-use or distribution in any way is prohibited.

For exact prices, please see the play listings


Musicals are broken up a bit differently. Included in the licensing fee is are digital files which has tracked sound effects and the music (instrumental) for the songs. The licensing period for musicals allows you (the specified organization) to use the TMI material for the (specified time).  A separate digital file with songs as performed by actors is available for rehearsal purposes so that your performers know how the songs go.  The licensing period begins upon purchase and ends upon completion of the last designated performance. Each script includes a cast list, a detailed act and scene breakdown, easy to follow stage directions and cues.  At the end of the specified period all sound effects, music and video files (if applicable) need to be destroyed, deleted, returned to TMI or stored.   Again, unauthorized use distribution or reproduction is prohibited and subject to penalty by law.

For exact prices, please see the musical listings

Special Offers


I If you are already equipped to produce a simple skit, a complex skit, or any of the play or musical productions listed, the material (as presented) is available for purchase at your discretion.

II If, however, you are a Church, or  (recognized) ministry, there is another cost- effective and realistic option available which may give you access to more of the material available on the website.

A. Whether your desire is to put together teams to perform skits, (great for complimenting sermons,performing at camps and conferences, or for ministering at other churches, schools etc.) put together a drama ministry, or you would like to produce full-length productions (ie: musicals) as outreach etc.  to use or have access to various materials presented, these pre-requisites must be met:

1. An Introductory Workshop so as to a.) understand the vision and intent of TMI, b.) establish a relationship, c.) initiate the base structure of a performing arts ministry, d.) set up and agree upon access to specified material.

2. If you are wanting to attempt a seasonal-full length production (ie: play or musical) an additional workshop would be required, JUMPSTARTING a PRODUCTION, (see workshops) however, it can be combined with the introductory workshop so as to make it more cost effective.  This would be beneficial if you are desirous of doing seasonal shows for Christmas and or Easter, as well as the musical production on the history of America in song entitled An American Parade, a show in which video is synchronized with music for live performance.  Remember, seasonal productions can be performed over and over again and productions seem to always get better each year they are done.  The idea is for you to become empowered to do it yourself.  TMI’s production of Ebeneezer the Musical is now also available in which video is synchronized with sound effects and music.  And now a new production entitled The Gospel of John is available in which video is synchronized with music and sound effects and the character of Jesus is entirely on screen.

B. If you qualify and choose this route, licensing fees would be waived and a percentage split of what comes in through offerings and or ticket sales would work.  (A 20/80 split is is reasonable.  20% to TMI and 80% to you.)  Your only obligation would be to bring me in, take up an offering to help meet my expenses. (See workshop costs plus traveling and accommodations) Besides coming in for a workshop, don’t forget, Galen has a ONE-MAN-Multi-Media show that can be performed for your congregations, as well as preparation for your team to perform something for your congregation.  Ministry to the Children is also available.

If this sounds like something that may interest you, send an e-mail to: and we can start the process!

Note:  If you do create something seasonally, (Christmas, Easter, Patriotic) the same split would be standard each year.