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approx 110 min
Sound Byte
Under Construction
An Easter production that combines the traditional biblical story of Jesus from the Gospels, and ties it into the modern struggles and issues we deal with today. An original musical that enables the audience to relate to the hopes, fears and struggles that the very people who walked and talked with Jesus went through. A church janitor (Mr. Iam) takes three kids through the gospels helping to make them relevant to today. From Mary’s wonderment of an Immaculate Conception, to John the Baptist’s passion, to the teachings of Jesus to the human frailness of the disciples, modern day scenarios are connected with the events before, during and after the crucifixion. Magnificently filled with sincerely passionate songs, the performance moves from today to the past and then back again. Trusting in God becomes more relevant to people of today than ever before and the reality of His love will give anyone who does the ability to definitely be victorious. This show is now available with script and songs.  (All songs include both vocals and instrumentals.) STOCK ID MU-Victorious