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Cast And Crew


 A Guide for Churches to Putting on




This handbook is designed to familiarize you with the “Behind the Scenes” details which are important to a quality production and an effective ministry. And while this handbook may seem overly detailed and even a bit stringent, it is based upon years and years of experience, and designed to make the overall process a whole lot easier.  Whether doing a large production with a cast of hundreds for a church of thousands or doing a production with a cast of dozens for a church of hundreds, the principles will always apply. So be encouraged to become familiar, in the following pages, with the people, policies, and procedures which make any production-oriented event a success for the Glory of God. 

 Note: to Cast and Crew

      At the beginning of any production, there (will be) a general production meeting in which all of the details of the upcoming weeks will be discussed with everyone involved in the show.   Expectations for involvement will be set so that everyone understands and so that the process can move forward.  And while most of those involved are volunteers, that doesn’t negate their (your) responsibility to the production or to anyone else involved.  On the contrary, they (you) are making a commitment and in doing so they (you) are accountable to God and the leadership you are submitting to. 

     With that said, your involvement is very much respected and appreciated.  It is with humility, prayerful insight and Godly integrity that those in charge want your experience to be not only a blessing, but a genuinely anointed and enriching Spiritual experience in which your gifts are greatly used for His glory.



  1. To present the life of Christ and Godly principles through Drama.
  2. Our goal in each performance is to present the gospel in such a way that:
    • People will be drawn to salvation.
    • Christians will want to bring unsaved friends and family members.
    • To bless and strengthen the faith of every believer who attends.
    • To give an opportunity to our church family to minister through the many gifts and talents God has blessed them with.




       Schedule:                                     To


Opening Night:

       Performances:                                             Be   


Closing Night:                               

       Cast Clean-up & Party:                               Determined                                                


REHEARSAL SCHEDULES will be given out to all cast members or they will be available on the TMI website (see) REHEARSAL SCHEDULE  Participants must be at all their designated rehearsals. Remember, you are not alone in this.  Your attendance, punctuality and communication speaks volumes as to who you are.

MATERIALS: © All TMI material is legally and officially registered, copyrighted and protected under Federal Law.  Whatever files, scripts, music etc. used by those participating in a production for rehearsal (personal or otherwise) may not be sold, re-produced and or even re-performed without written consent from Theatrical Ministries Inc. TMI. without penalty. You may save it for a keepsake, destroy it or return it if you choose to do so.

BE ON TIME!    (See Comment on Rehearsal Schedule)

IF YOU HAVE LINES, you will be expected to have them memorized as indicated by the director for whichever scene you have lines in.

ENSEMBLE MEMBERS MUST Learn their songs by designated rehearsal of the scene with songs.  Digital files of music should be available.  Ask the director or music director.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to know your parts.  Whether you have lines, songs to sing, or dances to dance, you must know your parts and be able to perform them in rehearsal before you can be in any performance.  If you do not know your part it hinders the process.

SILENCE PLEASE!  Respect the rehearsal process.





 Complimentary tickets (If available) may be issued to each family.  Each family or individual will be put on a list in the ticket office.  Each family will have a designated number of tickets to use. You must be an active participant in either the cast or crew to receive these tickets.

Note:  As an evangelistic tool this works when many of the tickets are free.  Do let invited guests know, however, that both an offering and a request for donors (monthly or otherwise) will be given during intermissions. If there is an admission, as in a fundraiser or specifically a dinner show, a request for donors will still be given, as the price will reflect the cost to put on the event.  Audiences are more than aware of the costs incurred in putting on a production of this magnitude and as this is ministry, the objective is to reach as many as possible with the Gospel.


*Will be distributed by the Costumer.  Please be aware of the MANDATORY COSTUME DAY!  They are NOT to be taken home.  Many times the provision of costumes will be the responsibility of the cast members.  We have pictures as well as suggestions for costumes and may be able to help.

*Everyone should be in full costume by (Designated Time) All costumes provided will be the responsibility of the individual, and in specific instances, for example with lead characters, TMI /the Church may help you with a specific fitting.

*If the production is biblical in nature, sandals are the responsibility of the

individual.  Bright colors for sandals are not allowed.

*Jewelry is not allowed unless it is appropriate to the character being


*Unless prior arrangements are made, do not change half-way through a

performance and go out front.  Please let the director know if you plan on

leaving early.  Remember, your commitment is for the entire production.

*(If costume is provided) Please check with the costumer/s regarding the washing and upkeep of the costumes you have.  Hanging costumes after each performance is strongly recommended.





* If a costume is provided for you…



* Some of the costumes are very expensive and while others may not be,

It is your responsibility to take care of your costume.  You will be told explicitly what to do

If you destroy or damage your costume, it is your responsibility to pay for or replace it.

*A $15.00  fee for costume cleaning should be expected. 





  1. Actors must have costumes on prior to getting makeup. This means

you need to be on the grounds

about fifteen minutes before your

       scheduled makeup time.

  1. The only people authorized to be in the makeup room are the actors

getting made up and/or those artists working with the makeup.

  1. Being prompt is extremely important. Our main purpose is to be

effective and efficient in the makeup department.  Your cooperation

in this area is greatly appreciated.  We do our best to serve you, so do

your best to act with the same respect.



Because unity of the body is so important, the following prayer guide is a suggestion for the cast and crew.  Please use this for what it is intended-a guide.  As the Spirit of God leads you, you can also pray for other areas, and in greater depth.  The main focus and goal should be to seek the Lord, His direction, and His help as we go forth with the production.

  1. Pray for the cast and crew.
  2. Strength, health, unity, and anointing for each person (Men, women,

and children) who are part of the production.

  • Pray against spirits of discord, jealousy, anger etc. and pray for the unfailing love of Jesus to be in everyone’s heart.
  • Pray for everyone’s well being and that sickness (Such as allergies, colds, and flu etc.) do not affect the cast and crew.
  • Ask God to give supernatural strength to each person’s body, soul and spirit.
  • Pray that families would be bound closer together, as many work closely together for long hours in rehearsal, on sets, costumes administration etc. before the production opens.


  1. Performances
  2. Pray for a spirit of faithfulness and commitment to be over each night

that the production is done. cast and crew alike.

  1. Pray the Lord brings protection to the cast and crew. Pray against

such things as weariness, confusion, carelessness and that their arrival to and from the performance is safe.

  1. Pray for God’s anointing over the cast, crew and congregation.
  • Audience
  1. Pray the Spirit of God call people from the North, South, East and

West to attend.

  1. Pray the message of the drama would fall on the soil of understanding

as according to Matthew 13:23.

  1. Pray that the harvest will come forth to the alter, as the Spirit of the

Lord directs.



Individual prayer by the cast and crew is encouraged as well as corporate prayer and praise during each performance.  Alter workers should be trained (are trained) to help those people who come forward after each night’s show.  Please wait to pray with people until invited to do so by the pastor (person) who is giving the alter call, as his message at the moment will lead to that occurrence.


*On performance nights which are free and for outreach, volunteer childcare will only be provided based on availability.  None will be provided for a ticketed show.

*We can not be responsible for your children during the performance behind the scenes (sets).  Children under the age of 12 must have a responsible adult in charge  of them at ALL times.

*Please help the children to care for their costumes, hanging them up etc.


*Child permission forms must be signed by the parent/guardian before they appear in the production. Signing the Declaration, Receipt, Review and Acceptance DRRA form will suffice and meet this requirement.



 *All hand-held props will be picked up in the designated areas for the various scenes.  After use, they are to be returned to the same spot.  Please treat them as your personal responsibility.

*Report all damaged props to the Prop Master or Director.  None of the props will be removed from the facility/church without permission.  All props that are a part of the production are to remain on the premises for the duration of the run of the show/s.

*If you are interested in being part of this department or have any ideas which might add to the authenticity of the set etc., please contact the person ultimately in charge of the production.



*It is strongly recommended that you attend all pre-play meetings for orientation and training.

*Appropriate attire is to be worn for each performance.  The dress code will be discussed at the first meeting. Costumes may be requested.

*Be neat and clean at all times.  Yours is the first impression people will have.

*You are expected to be at the facility/church a half hour before the doors open for pre-function duties, assignments and prayer.  (Designated Time)

*Young children must be checked in with the child-care that is provided.  If there are not enough volunteers, then you must attend to your own children. They will not be allowed to wander unattended on the grounds.

*Make sure that you are at your assigned posts when the doors open.  Maintain your post at all times, unless relieved or given a specific time to be free to leave.  In the event of an absence, please notify the department head in advance.  If an emergency should arise, notify the department head as soon as possible.



*Before, during intermission and after a performance you may take as many photos as you wish.  However, once the performance begins, we will politely remind you to turn off your phones.




In order for TMI/the Church to continue to promote this and other future productions, it is important that when photographs are taken by those designated to do so, you consent in allowing us to use those of either you or your children.

*Your signature on the Declaration of Receipt, Review and Acceptance DRRA qualifies and is the same as if you had signed this document.


hereby consent to and authorize the use of any photo that I/we or our children appear in that has been taken by TMI or the Church (Church Name) or for that matter, any acting on approval and in behalf of TMI or the church in association with the said production, for the sole purpose/s of advertising, promotions and marketing, or any other endeavor TMI or the Church feels compelled to act upon.



______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                    Age


______________________________________          ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age



_______________________                               _______________________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature                                  Parent/Guardian’s Signature









*Your signature on the Declaration of Receipt, Review and Acceptance DRRA qualifies and is the same as your signing this document.


____________________________           ___________________________

Name  (Print)                                               Name  (Print)


I/We have signed this document releasing TMI or the Church (Name of Church) from any responsibilities resulting from injuries incurred by myself/others as a result of participating in said Production.  I do hereby also, as acting legal guardian, include any of my minor children involved in the production as well.



_____________________________________            ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


_____________________________________            ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


_____________________________________            ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


_____________________________________            ___________________

Child’s Name                                                                   Age


I do hereby hold the Church (Name of Church) harmless.



____________________________           ____________________________

Signature                                                    Signature






*Your signature on the Declaration of Receipt, Review and Acceptance DRRA qualifies and is the same as your signing this document.


I, _____________________________________________ give permission for

_________________________________ to be actively involved with the cast and crew of “Name of Production.”  I understand that they may not be supervised at times during rehearsal, but I feel that they are old enough to be responsible for themselves.



I give the Church (Name of Church) permission to seek medical treatment for my child, if the need arises.


This release is valid for the entire (Year) season of the production, including

rehearsals, which run from (Dates of Rehearsal/Including Performances)


DATED THIS___________________DAY OF_________________, (YEAR)









Emergency Contact:_______________________________________________





* No smoking.

*No flash cameras.

*No video taping without a permit.

*No entry without a ticket or hand stamp. (If applicable)

*All members of the audience should retain their ticket stubs. (if applicable)

*No talking beneath the sound booth or at the back of the sanctuary as this is a courtesy to the audience.

*No pets allowed.

*No standing or sitting on seat backs.

*No cell phones during show.  Audience members must turn theirs off

* No Wheelchairs, strollers or other items may be allowed to block the aisles.


Please note that this HANDBOOK does allow for some flexibility, however, that remains at the discretion of the Director and the Pastor of the Church.  This handbook is not meant to discourage participation, but rather to encourage it. The more specific and professional the church is concerning the production process, the more responsive church members, as well as those attending the performance from outside the church will be and the more likely the production will be a greater success.  Excellence breeds excellence, and if you do your best, and pray that it’s blessed, then God will take care of the rest!