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Theatrical Troupes

The Theatrical Troupe  (Repertoire Company) is a concept that goes way back historically when troupes went from kingdom to kingdom and town to town to communicate and entertain.   TMI  would love to help you create your own troupe of performers to do the same thing in your local community.   Schools, churches, camps, retirement communities, etc. are great places to share and minister.  A presentation might best be described as a Variety show consisting of dramatic and comedic sketches, mime, music, and song and dance numbers.  The difference, however, is the message! The difference is the ministry! By the grace of God, the difference is the anointed presence.  Variety in this sense means enjoyable, professional, relevant and poignant pieces that will minister to a number of different needs, situations and circumstances.  Because of TMI’s vast repertoire, (skits, productions, music, etc.) your school, church or organization now can have the resources to create, develop and minister with it’s own performance teams and share the grace, love and redemption of our Lord Jesus!