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Ebeneezer Multi-Media-Musical


The same original musical version of the classic Dickens’ tale, however, in this version music and sound effects are synchronized with a wide variety of heart-warming, dramatic and comedic visuals including stills, film and even animation. Set in old England, these images only enhance the story of that miserly skin-flint Scrooge and his transformation from a mean and bitter man to that of a God-fearing, people-loving saint. Songs include “Christmas Gets in the Way”, “Laughter in My Feet”, “Keeping Christmas the Whole Year Through”, and a wonderfully romantic song where Scrooge remembers his lost love, “Treasures of My Heart.” In this version, Scrooge actually dreams he goes to hell. All the music is wonderfully adapted to fit the story precisely as you would remember it. A great holiday classic, with a definite message of repentance and hope for anyone who gives God a chance to change their lives.


* Singing part        ** Skilled Singer    #Some Dancing     ^Skilled Dancer


Cast of Characters for

Ebeneezer the Musical


Scrooge:        A miserly skinflint who is brilliant in business, yet naively ignorant in kindness and compassion.  However, when he is visited by a series of Spirits, and in this instance, sees a future in which he needs to ask God for His mercy and forgiveness so that he is not destined for an eternity in HELL, he realizes his need to repent and hence, miraculously does so.  As a result, the man beneath the veneer of cruel antagonism is replaced by the joyful and generous man who was present all along.  Ebeneezer Scrooge is the center-piece of this entire production. * #


Bob Cratchit:     The kind and gentle employee of Ebeneezer Scrooge.  He is a loving family man and a genuinely likable person. * #


Fred:              The son of Scrooge’s beloved sister Fanny and his only living blood relative.  His is extremely amiable and has a genuine love and affection for his Uncle.  He believes there is a good person beneath his Uncle’s bitter and gruff exterior and neither he, nor especially the Lord, has given up on old Ebeneezer Scrooge. * #


Jacob Marley:    The former business partner of Scrooge who died seven Christmases ago.  It is his spirit who initiates the process of bringing Scrooge to the realization of his present state.  A morbid and ghastly character, Marley warns Scrooge of a fate worse than his own.


Spirit of

Christmas Past:   A calm, yet gentle spirit who takes Scrooge on a reflective journey to remember how things were and what led to how things are. This character can be either male or female.  


Spirit of Christmas  Present:     This is a larger than life type of character.  A flamboyant and charismatic character who enjoys life while at the same time is very aware of the deprivation that surrounds him.  It is his character who makes Scrooge acutely aware of his own surroundings and how he has neglected to make himself accessible to participate in any way in his own life.  He is a powerful reminder of the life that Scrooge is currently missing.  Can be female, but preferably a male would work best. * #


Spirit of Christmas Yet-to Come:      An ominous and foreboding character who is cloaked and does not speak.  This character moves slowly and methodically and can be either male or female.


Fezziwig:          A character from Scrooge’s past, he is jovial and eccentric.  He is full of love and life and represents a happier time in the life of Scrooge. * #

Mrs. Fezziwig:    The wife of Fezziwig, she is similar in character to her husband, however not as charismatic. ** #


Ebeneezer as a

Young Man:        This character represents what Scrooge may have been like as a young man starting out in business.  He is at first humble and naïve, but in a quick short time, the transformation can be seen taking place as he becomes obsessed with money and power. * #


Isabelle (Belle):   Young and attractive girl with whom Scrooge was in love with.  She may or may not be portrayed as the daughter of the Fezziwig’s but for this production. ^


Mrs. Cratchit:    The wife of Bob Cratchit, she is a strong, yet sensitive woman.  She is the backbone of the Cratchit family. * #


Tiny Tim Cratchit:          The smallest, yet often portrayed as the most spirited and joyful family member of the Cratchit family.  He is handicapped and yet always upbeat. * #


Susan Cratchit:          A few years older than Tiny Tim.  She is his kind and jovial older sister. * #

                     A note:  There is room for more Cratchit children depending on the availability of children to cast.     


Fred’s Wife:      She is also young and attractive and although she is sweet, she is a bit leery of her husband’s Uncle Scrooge.  * #


Guests:            For this production numerous guests may or may not be included.  Although, to depict a party in the Christmas Present scene, more are better and even a bit of dancing would be appropriate. * #



Beggars:               (A minimum of two) These children are used in the opening to sing and ask Scrooge for food.  They can also be used to depict “Want” and “Need” later in the story when the Spirit of Christmas Present appears. *


Solicitor #1:      Male or Female who appears early in the story to request donations for the underprivileged from Scrooge.  (Can be used in other scenes…ie: party scene. *


Solicitor #2:      Male of Female who appears early in the story to request donations for the underprivileged from Scrooge.  (Can be used in other scenes…ie: party scene. *


Spirits:            Various spirits depicting lost souls during Marley’s visits with Scrooge.  (These characters can be re-cast from other minor characters to play multiple roles.  Can be both adults and children.


Boy:                Small part of young boy who buys turkey for Scrooge towards the end of the play.  (May be double cast with a child from another scene.)


Auctioneer:        An individual (male or female) who is auctioning off Scrooge’s property in the scene with the Spirit of Christmases Yet-to Come.  Should be able to sing and preferably dance a bit. ** #

Casting suggestions are relative and at the discretion of the director.  The setting, however, would appropriately be turn-of-the-century England and so mannerisms, accents and costumes should reflect the time.  This is truly a story of (Godly) “Redemption.”