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Take a look at our Skits, Plays, Musicals and Workshops to help you make outreach happen.

"Ebeneezer the Musical"

Scrooge is shown his ultimate destination unless he repents. “REDEMPTION” is Gods will for all of humanity.

A TMI Troupe wears many hats!

TMI can bring a Performing Troupe to you or help you create your own.

“Gospel of John”

“Samaritan Woman, John and Nicodemus dancing in celebration.”

A full cast of the TMI Production: "Ebeneezer the Musical"

Let TMI help bring a Production to you or help you create one yourself.

“Gospel of John”

“Cast of Gospel of John which, with some solid effort, is very realistic to re-produce.”

"Ebeneezer the Musical"

This production is now also available with video synchronized to music and sound effects.


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Let Galen bring this to you and among other things show you the possibilities of what can be done using Multi-Media Presentations.


Gospel of John


Ebeneezer the Musical


American Parade

Featured Productions
The American Parade The American Parade

America’s story is historically and musically re-told.  Countless songs are accompanied with video and slides as the audience is reminded of the Godly roots that helped establish this great country of ours.

Ebeneezer The Musical Ebeneezer The Musical

True to the original story and loaded with original songs and music, a tale of genuine repentence.  Scrooge even has a brief encounter in hell.  A holiday classic to be done over and over again.

House on Hell Hill House on Hell Hill

A chilling mystery, only there is no murder.  As invited guests disappear one-by-one, the true depth of man’s relationship with God is expressed and the complex simplicity of His love is revealed.

Featured Skits
Crucifixion Crucifixion

A simple, yet powerful skit showing that the world has absoulutely no answers.  And even though we all put Jesus on the cross, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The Day Hate Came to Town The Day Hate Came to Town

Hebrews 4:12 – Set in the old West, Sheriff Love uses the Word of God to battle and defeat Mr. Hate in the town of Happy Hallow.

Heart Heart

Beautifully set to classical music, this mime (or dance) is about the heartbreak that can be in relationships.  But when both the male and the female give their hearts to God, The Lord creates a threefold union that can be everlasting.

Featured Workshops

Introductory Workshop Introductory Workshop

A solid foundation for all the others, this workshop provides the basis for the Performing Arts as a ministry. It is the most thorough and detailed as it establishes a precedent of Godliness and excellence.

Creating and Maintaining a Drama Program Creating and Maintaining a Drama Program

A workshop that emphasizes the benefits of a performing arts program as it pertains to spiritual integrity and accountability.  It is not just about the performers, but the cohesion of a body of believers to reach a lost world for Christ.

Jump Starting a Production Jump Starting a Production

A workshop designed with one goal in mind:  Making the production happen!  In a condensed, yet thorough session, the entire process is laid out so that a show can be done over and over again.  A Cast and Crew handbook is included.