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Ebeneezer Production

approx 120 min
Rehearsal THUMBDRIVE (Opt)
Price: $725.00

Price: $75.00
An original musical version of the classic Dickens’ tale. This stage play is set in old England and tells the story of that miserly skin-flint Scrooge and his transformation from a mean and bitter man to that of a God-fearing, people-loving saint. Songs include Christmas Gets in the Way, Laughter in My Feet, Keeping Christmas the Whole Year Through, and a wonderfully romantic song where Scrooge remembers his lost love, Treasures of My Heart. In this version, he actually dreams he goes to hell. All the music is wonderfully adapted to fit the story precisely as you would remember it, along with sound effects and all. A great holiday classic, with a definite message of repentance and hope for anyone who gives God a chance to change their lives. STOCK ID MU-Eb