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To Hell N’ Back Production


approx 135 min
Rehearsal THUMBDRIVE (Opt)
Price: $850.00

Price: $75.00
A resurrection musical that has seen thousands of souls come to the Lord and miraculously touched thousands more. Ned Harvey, a disgruntled news anchor, is cynical and bitter because he sees no hope for the world as he knows it. Of course, a visit from one of God’s Angels helps to change all that. Ned is taken back in time to see first hand what Jesus actually did for humanity. Ned sees an Elvis Angel, John the Baptist, Jesus with his disciples, Pilate, the crucifixion, saints rising out of their graves as well as Satan himself, who is celebrating what he thinks is victory. Of course, the keys of hell and death are taken from Satan by Jesus and Ned realizes that there is hope. The many songs are contemporary and powerfully hard hitting as they vividly re-tell the Gospel story for not only Ned Harvey, but for anyone who is looking for hope. The audience will laugh uncontrollably, weep emotionally and rejoice wholeheartedly. Most importantly, they will realize how great a love Jesus has for them as He literally did go To Hell ‘N Back for the redemption of mankind.  Includes DVD with News intro/clips and background footage for songs: I’ve Got Jesus” and To Hell ‘N BackStock ID MU-Hell ‘N Back