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House on Hell Hill Production

approx 110 min
Price: $450.00

Price: $50.00
A chilling tale in which a group of individuals are mysteriously invited to a haunted house of sorts under the presumption that they are going to obtain something. They are greeted and entertained by a host who seems to know every detail of their lives and the real reason they are there. To make matters more intriguing, they begin to disappear one at a time until no one is left other than a host and the one individual God is trying to actually reach. Accompanied with gripping music and sound effects, this story contains characters from all walks of life and illustrates how lost the world is without Christ. Of course the ending is unexpected, but very revealing about God’s heart both to the Christian and non-Christian alike. Stock ID PLAY-H on HH  
Cast: 5 4 2-6