Theatrical  Ministries Inc.
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TMI SHOWS  extend to what will eventually be a variety of performance oriented presentations of which the TMI Players was the original concept.  Ranging from sketches to music and full-length productions, it is the goal of TMI to provide excellent and inspired material to accomodate a wide variety of events.  From churches to schools to retirement communities and various other venues, wherever a TMI SHOW has been performed, an enjoyable and memorable experience has and always will be TMI’s most important desire.

CHURCH SERVICE: A series of sketches, mimes and possibly musical numbers specifically tailored to accomodate a morning or evening service.Christmas present and Scrooge

THEMATIC EVENT: A presentation specific to events centered around the concept of Easter, Christmas, American Patriotism, Nostalgia etc.  Note: Ample time must be given before scheduling.

DINNER THEATRE: An event for a social gathering, relative to youth, singles, women”s/men’s ministry, a family event, or simply, an evening out.  Has worked great for fundraisers.

RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES and OTHER SUCH VENUES:  TMI has brought full-length theatrical musical productions to a number of venues most notably retirement facilities.  Through the use of slides and video presentation on a big screen, mixed with live performers, a TMI full-length production is an experience not to be missed.  Currently, we are proud to present a musical presentation of the history of America..An American Parade!  And look soon to the 2014 Christmas season for another original musical using the same concept based on the beloved story by Charles Dickens…Ebeneezer the Musical!

CAMPS/RETREATS/CONFERENCES: Often conducive to continuing presentions in chapel services.  Can accomodate a speaker’s message, praise and worship, etc.

And when an evening service is scheduled, a short teaser in the morning service usually attracts a much larger audience that night.  For current scheduling relative to ministry, go to the About Us tab on the Home page and click on Ministry/Galen’s ministry

To schedule an event or to discuss how TMI can accomodate you best just e-mai: or call (480) 326-2181.  We look forward to hearing from you!  And look for other performance oriented ministries from TMI in the future.