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Ebeneezer The Musical


Full Cast


DSC_3660Ebeneezer the Musical




Introducing a BRAND NEW version of the Dickens’ Classic.

Through the use of synchronized video and music this well known tale of transformation and redemption is presented by just a few live performers set in front of a big screen as a backdrop.  So it’s as if you are actually watching a film with live actors!


To schedule a show contact Galen at 480-326-2181 or

 *Story is public domain, however music and formatting of this version is officially registered with the United States copyright office in accordance with title 17, and therefore, unauthorized use or reproduction without purchase and or written consent is subject to penalties as indicated by federal law.

Through the use of synchronized video and music, this holiday story is presented with just a few live performers while scenes take place on a screen directly behind them.  It’s just like a movie.

As Scrooge remembers his past…

you will be taken on a familiar and magical journey in which a man’s life is reflected upon and wonderfully restored.