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The American Parade

approx 120 min
Rehearsal THUMBDRIVE (Opt)
Price: $900.00

Price: $100.00

A trip through time in which the story of our great country is historically and musically retold.  This production is broken into several categories including: a Revolutionary Period, a Pioneering Period, a Civil War Period, an Industrialization Period, a WW II Period, a montage of songs from the 50’s-60’s and 70’s and of course, Today. As a backdrop it contains slides and video clips (All contained on DVD) hi-lighting scenes throughout America’s history and therefore can be performed by a few or as many people as desired.  It is educational, nostalgic, and very patriotic. A great inspirational tool in which the Godly roots of our great country are rediscovered and wonderfully brought to life.Stock ID MU-Am Par  Now Available!